Flood Damage

Flood Damage Restoration

Many Auckland homes are prone to flooding or water damage. Dampness in your home or office can be disastrous, damaging not only the structure of the building but also causing mould or mildew, which can harm your physical health. Whether you’ve experienced a pipe leak or torrential rain has flooded into your space, our team at SES is here to help.

We offer services for the restoration of your property in the event of a flood. Our specialist team will remove any moisture and repair all damages.

Fire and Smoke Cleaning

We want you to live and work in healthy, dry environments. Mould can grow within a short space of time in standing water. Further, water damage can uncover asbestos that was not hazardous previously. We recommend getting in touch with us as soon as you notice water damage.

Oil Spill

At SES, creating and maintaining clean and green environments is what we do. Oil spills could contain hazardous material and cause harm to your health and property. SES is here to help you eliminate spilled chemical hazards, paints, fuels, and oils.


On-site spills must enact a comprehensive response. Our team has the special training and experience to deal with hazardous chemicals. We will safely identify and stop the source of the spill, neutralise the spill to prevent further damage and contamination, and promptly remove and repair all waste and damage.

Crime Scene

Our team is well-trained to conduct comprehensive cleanups of crime scenes. SES maintains the highest standard of discretion, safety, and professionalism. We are here to help remove all hassle and stress from this work.

We are experts in biohazard disinfection and damage restoration. We use the latest technology to remove visible and invisible signs, odours, and contaminants. At SES, we care deeply about the safety and well-being of our clients. We are more than willing and qualified to cover tasks that would present risks to your physical and mental health.

Bird Excrement Removal

Bird excrement can turn into a mammoth cleanup job. Whether it is on the exterior or interior of your building and bird removal is required, our team at SES have the skills to help you.

Meth Cleaning

If a meth test on your property reveals contamination, it is essential to ensure its removal. Contamination from methamphetamine can cause health risks to anyone using the space. Our team at SES has the skillset and knowledge to tackle these problems for you.