Meth & Mould Cleaning

Meth Cleaning

If a meth test on your property reveals contamination, it is essential to ensure its removal. Contamination from methamphetamine can cause health risks to anyone using the space. Our team at SES has the skillset and knowledge to tackle these problems for you.

We offer services for the safe and thorough clear-out of any contamination from meth in your property. Our team is certified, experienced, and careful, prioritising your safety during and after the job.

It is essential to us that we work with clients to ensure that the services we provide have minimal impact on your everyday business while balancing our completion of a thorough, on-budget and on-time job.

Mould Cleaning

Mould grows anywhere where there are damp services, so it is a common issue. If you have a mould problem that you need help with, the team at SES are here for you. You can clean some kinds of mould without professional help. However, black mould can be especially damaging to your health and property.

Our team at SES are equipped with the skills and safety gear to remove mould. Due to our team’s extensive experience, we come prepared for any challenges or delays while dealing with contaminants. At SES, we know how to manage these challenges to keep your project on track and budget.