Specialist Cleaning

Our Special Cleaning Process

Some cleaning jobs are just too big or too hazardous to do on your own. From asbestos issues to meth damage, from building demolition to bird excrement, our cleaning specialists at SES is here to solve your problems. Our team has the training, certifications, and experience to ensure that we complete the clean your home or workplace needs to the highest standard.

Ice Blasting

At SES, we value clean cleaning. Our ice blasting service is the most environmentally friendly method for cleaning asbestos and black mould.

Asbestos Surveys

Our consultants deliver highly detailed and accurate asbestos survey reports with expert advice and recommendations.

Asbestos Work

We provide fit-for-purpose, high-quality Class A and Class B asbestos removal. Together we can develop a plan that offers the least amount of impact to your everyday business while maintaining the highest level of safety.

Demolition/ Deconstruction

SES provides a range of demolition services conducted to the highest possible standard, in line with industry best practices.

Flood Damage

Whether you’ve experienced a pipe leak or torrential rain has flooded into your space, our team at SES is here to help.

Fire and Smoke Damage

We offer services to repair and restore your property after a fire. Our specialist team will remove all hazards and ensure the safety and security of your space.

Oil Spills

SES is here to help you eliminate spilled chemical hazards, paints, fuels, and oils.

Crime Scenes

Our team is well-trained to conduct comprehensive cleanups of crime scenes. SES maintains the highest standard of discretion, safety, and professionalism.

Bird Excrement Removal

Bird excrement can become a mammoth cleanup job. Whether it is on the exterior or interior of your building and bird removal is required, our team at SES have the skills to help you.